Lovaganza, a celebration of all people

Mark your calendar, far in advance, for from May to September 2020, Lovaganza will take place, with people of all cultures and backgrounds getting together for what organizers call the Greatest Worldwide Celebration of all time, featuring entertainment and a chance to mingle with people you otherwise not see, all in a worldwide exhibition.

Part of that celebration will be the simultaneous taping of three films having to do with the Lovaganza experience.

The first in the trilogy is the Lovaganza Convoy, Follow Your Sunshine, which is set for release in 2018. The tale features a defrocked priest on a motorcycle who is on a quest to find the secret to inner and global peace. But his quest is in danger from a mysterious secret organization whose object is evil.

In Lovaganza Part 2, The Prophesy, scheduled for 2019, Father Sgeaby sets out to accomplish the Prophesy, accompanied by a child with a divine gift that could save all of humanity. Father Sgeaby must find the keys that open the gates to a New World and defeat the treacherous Invisible Hand.

In Lovaganza Convoy Part 3, The New World, the Invisible Hand once again tries to thwart the Prophesy and enslave humanity, but is foiled by a young man, Jason Clark who seeks The Spark which has the power to save Planet Earth.

In the years preceding the opening of the eight-nation Lovaganza spectacular in 2020, the Lovaganza Traveling Show Starting will begin with the Lovaganza Caravan. Guest Explorers will enter the world of Lovaganza to discover a wide range of cultures of Earth and unveil the Marvelous 12 animated series,

The ongoing Lovaganza extravaganza will feature exhibits and hands-on experiences including the exposition of groundbreaking films and animation, will provide the Hands Across the World project, an event simultaneously occurring in eight regions of the world with immersive motion pictures, attractions, shows, exhibitions and spectacular events to be held in eight regions of the world, representing people in all continents of Earth in more than 50 cities worldwide.

The Lovaganza experience features A way of Life: A Bohemian Adventure, outlining a lifestyle centered on the beauties of Planet Earth and the spectacular miracles on Facebook that take place in the minutia of daily life.

The extravaganza will feature promotional artwork created especially for Lovaganza, while much of the filming for the two Convoy pictures and the Prophesy film will take part, in a large part, in the beautiful region of Frigiliana, Spain.

The 2020 date for the two-year extravaganza was postponed from 2015 to take advances in emerging entertainment technologies and a growing conception of what Lovaganza should present, while helping the world sample the different cultures that make up the human and other populations that inhabit Planet Earth. Locations for Lovaganza will include North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Oceana and culminate with the Hands Across the World ceremony. Source: https://vimeo.com/lovaganza

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